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17 Heels for People Who Hate Wearing Heels

By newadmin / Published on Saturday, 06 Apr 2024 14:08 PM / No Comments / 98 views

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Heels are fashionable and stylish, sure, but they can also be frustrating to wear. If you just prefer not to wear them, you’re not alone. But sometimes you do want an alternative, right? You want to wear something that’s similar to heels to nice dinners, interviews, or on dates, but you just can’t stand walking in heels. Not to worry. We’ had you in mind when curating this list just for you.

Put down the pumps and still on the stilettos. We’ve found some absolutely gorgeous heels-like shoes you’ll actually like wearing, including wedges, block heels, and more shoes that you won’t have to worry about either falling over in or feeling uncomfortable with. These would make some great alternatives to traditional heels that you might not want to slip on – and they’re all pretty affordable, too! Be sure to check out a few pairs, and stock up! You never know when another event is going to pop up, after all.

17 Heels for People Who Hate Wearing Heels

1. Can’t Tame These Leopards: Channel your inner scene girl and show the world how fierce your feet can be with these leopard-print wedges – just $42!

2. Put a Bow on It: You’ll look just like a quirky French girl in these stylish lace wedge sandals – just $46!

3. Ethical Heights: Toms says these wedges are ethically sourced and manufactured – just $75!

4. Strap Me In: These wedges are great for slightly chilly days since they have a covered toe – just $35!

5. Summer of Love: We love the rainbow colors of these wedges and the hippie vibes the braid straps give off – just $44!

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6. Slingback Symphony: You’ll get a bit more protection and a cushioned sole with these practical wedges – just $60!

7. Boot Scootin’: A full boot with a wedge heel might be your thing – just $50!

8. All-Weather Wedge: These wedges have a comfortable sole and full-foot coverage, making them excellent for bad weather or work – just $60!

9. They’ve Got Sole: You’ll find these low wedges are very comfortable and easy to clean with their rubber construction – just $29!

10. Party Rock Pumps: You’ll get about a half-foot of height with these tall, chunky heels – just $40!

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11. Buckle Up: These heels are easy to slip on and off with their functioning buckle – just $40!

12. Pretty in Pink: Let your feet get loud and proud with these satin pink heels, complete with a bow – just $46!

13. Punk Rock Pumps: I hope you have a short skirt and black lipstick ready for these combat boot-style chunky heels – just $52!

14. We Love the Eighties: You could be the 1989 Homecoming queen in these multicolor part heels – just $51!

15. Tied and Dyed: You’ve never had your little piggies party like they will in these funky tie-dyed heels – just $32!

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16. Almost a Stiletto: You can get the profile of a stiletto without losing the stability of a chunky heel with these shoes – just $55!

17. Disco a Go-Go: Are you feeling Austin Powers baby? Pick your favorite suggestive name and get to boogieing with these heeled boots – just $36!

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