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Corrie star going blind as she shares devastating health update | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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star Lisa George has shared fears she could go blind after being diagnosed with a genetic eye condition. The actress, who has played , revealed she has been diagnosed with NAION – non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy – which causes sudden vision loss in one eye.

Speaking to MailOnline, the 51-year-old admitted she worries her disability will give her no choice but to quit acting. ITV bosses have taken extra measures to support the soap star, including printing off scripts in bigger fonts and even changing some of her scenes to accommodate her deteriorating eyesight.

“I always think there are people far worse off than you, and I’m just grateful I can still see but we don’t know what could happen in the future,” she told the publication.

Lisa suffered two separate incidents that have left her visually impaired in both eyes, the first being in 2016 when she was hit in her right eye with a heavy knot at the end of a piece of rope while gardening.

After her sight completely went in her right eye, doctors informed her that she would never regain full sight in that eye. Lisa saw a number of eye specialists over the next six years, desperately hunting for answers.

She explained: “I just wasn’t getting any explanation as to what had happened. I had scans, dye put into my eyeball, but the doctors were split as to whether it was the trauma from the rope or something else that had caused the haemorrhage at the back of my eye.”

Things took a dangerous turn in 2022 when she was driving home after celebrating former Coronation Street star Katie McGlynn’s 29th birthday. This time, the problem came with her left eye.

The TV star recalled: “I’d had a lovely evening with Katie and was driving home on the M6 when my left eye went really weird. I couldn’t tell whether the lorries in front of me were merging into one, it was very frightening.

Lisa went to A&E the following morning but ended up staying there for one week, branding it one of the “worst” experiences of her life. While there, doctors wouldn’t let her take her diabetes medication which led to her feeling unwell.

“No-one seemed to have a clue what had happened, they just said ‘you’ve got nerve clusters’ and after a week they sent me home and told me to take Aspirin for the pain,” she said.

Lisa saw another NHS eye doctor who confirmed that the peripheral vision in her left eye had completely gone. Later in 2022, Lisa had her driving licence taken away as it was deemed too dangerous for her to drive.

In November 2023, the soap star was diagnosed with NAION, a condition affecting only 11 percent of people in the UK which can leave them fully blind. With the damage irreversible, Lisa was informed that she would never get her full sight back.

The reality of her condition hit when she went to watch the stage production of Romeo & Juliet in Manchester earlier this year. When the stage faded to black, Lisa admitted it made her fear she with poor sight. However, Lisa is now determined to move past her diagnosis.

She said: “When it first happened I was so petrified but I can’t worry about what could or couldn’t happen, it’s no way to live. I’ve just got to get on with it.”


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