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Celebrity diet pill under fire for false weight loss claims

By newadmin / Published on Tuesday, 30 Apr 2024 13:32 PM / No Comments / 31 views

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A celebrity couple’s weight loss supplement, Genius, has come under scrutiny for allegedly exaggerated claims. At 10am this morning, Atchariya Ruangrattanapong, head of the Crime Victims Assistance Club, filed a complaint with the Central Investigation Bureau, questioning the product’s advertised benefits.

Atchariya alleges the supplement, owned by the unnamed celebrity duo, boasts unrealistic weight loss capabilities, claiming users can lose over 10 kilogrammes if taken consistently for two months. This assertion, he argues, is unlikely given the ingredients listed on the packaging, potentially violating Sections 40 and 41 of the Food Act, which pertain to false advertising.

Previously having tried the product himself, Atchariya experienced side effects such as insomnia and excessive thirst, leading him to question the true contents of the supplement. Consequently, he decided to submit a sample to the police for examination by the Department of Scientific Services, to ensure consumer safety.

Furthermore, Atchariya claims to have evidence suggesting that the celebrities’ weight loss is due to fat-dissolving injections at a clinic in the Lat Phrao area, rather than their product’s efficacy.

This casts doubt on the supplement’s ability to deliver on its weight loss promise.

Investigators are currently reviewing Atchariya’s testimony and the evidence provided, which will be used to determine the next steps in the investigation, reported Khaosod.

This development has stirred concern among consumers who rely on celebrity endorsements for health products, highlighting the importance of regulatory oversight in the dietary supplement market. The incident underscores the potential risks of unverified weight loss claims and the need for stringent checks to protect public health and trust.

In similar news, Thai authorities have dismantled a significant counterfeit cosmetics operation, seizing a vast array of fake beauty products and exposing an international supply chain orchestrated by Chinese investors.

The fraudulent enterprise, which relied heavily on online platforms to distribute counterfeit cosmetics, generated sales exceeding 100 million baht per year.

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