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Princess Kate ‘looks great’ after subtle switch from ‘sexy’ footwear | Royal | News

By newadmin / Published on Monday, 09 Oct 2023 02:07 AM / No Comments


Princess Kate has traded her long-flowing dresses for more formal power suits in varying shades of white, navy and emerald green by various designers.

The royal has also traded her thin stiletto heels for chunkier styles as of late, which appear more practical for her royal engagements.

Speaking exclusively to, Miranda Holder, celebrity stylist and royal fashion expert agreed, claiming: “Kate is a woman who embraces fashion habits, especially when it comes to her footwear.

“We have seen her favour particular styles during different phases of her Royal career – at first there was a profusion of wedges, much to the late Queen’s (apparent) disdain, then we had the skyscraper court shoes.

“The style, which would cripple most of us, became her signature look and added to the already glamorous image the Princess portrayed.”

Miranda continued: “It seems like now, there might be another change afoot (if you’ll pardon the pun) as Kate has favoured a new style of late, featuring a wider, blockier heel.”

The style expert suggested that there is “no doubt” that a blockier heel is a more practical choice for the Princess, largely because it offers more support and stabilises the ankle.

But there could also be another reason for the swap, perhaps “a minor sports injury” as suggested by Miranda.

She added: “But the transition into this style seems to echo Kate’s preference for trouser suits that we have seen so far this autumn, perhaps reinforcing her message that she wants to focus on the important work she is doing, rather than her glamorous wardrobe.

“The sky-high stiletto court styles are uber glamorous, very evening, and if I may say rather sexy! This new sturdier style is more practical, and feels more down to business – although there is still plenty of leg-lengthening height, which makes the trouser suits Kate is currently wearing look great.”

Despite drawing the attention away from her outfits, the Princess of Wales still makes tactical style choices to look her best.

According to the fashion expert, the material is just as important as the colour and silhouette when it comes to shoes or any garment for that matter.

In Kate’s case, she has expanded her go-to suede collection of shoes to include patent, polished leather too, which Miranda claimed is less casual.

This, combined with structured suits has somewhat preserved the royal’s more feminine dress sense, despite stepping away from outwardly dressy styles.

And while there’s no doubt that the Princess has done this on her own accord, it could be a signal towards Kate’s future in the Royal Family.

Miranda said: “Camilla is also a fan of block heels, and for her, they are a feminine shape which adds height whilst still remaining comfortable.

“This could be an early sign of Kate following in Queen Camilla’s footsteps and taking on an even more senior role within the firm, it depends on whether the Princess adopts them as her ‘go-to’ footwear of choice or returns to her beloved stilettos… only time will tell!”


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